Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace

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Course Information

Duration :   30 to 45 minutes
May be completed in more than one session
Type:  Tutorial
Presenter: Rapid Global


Bullying and Harrassment in the Workplace


This course is to provide you with an awareness and understanding of Bullying and Sexual Harassment issues within the workplace, and how to create an equal opportunity environment for all workers.


This course will cover the following topics

  • Definition of work place diversity
  • Responding to Organisational Change: ethnic diversity, lifestyle choices and an older workforce
  • A changing workforce: strengths and opportunities
  • Eliminating prejudice & avoiding stereotypes
  • Definition of workplace harassment
  • Examples of workplace harassment: physical, sexual, verbal, and 3rd party
  • What to do if you are harassed
  • Consequences of harassment
  • Direct and indirect discrimination
  • Definition of Bullying in the workplace
  • Types of bullying behaviour and individual responsibilities


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of diversity in the workplace
  • Discuss stereotypes and prejudices, and briefly describe their negative effects
  • Identify the different types of workplace harassment
  • Explain how to react if they are harassed
  • Differentiate between direct and indirect discrimination
  • Explain different types of bullying behaviour and explain their responsibilities if bullying occurs


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