Safety Licence (Permit to Work)

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Course Information

Duration : 30 to 45 minutes
May be completed in more than one session
Type: Tutorial
Presenter: Rapid Global




This course is to provide the necessary information to those persons required to conduct work activities under the authority of an issued permit to work, and within the context and requirements of that permit. This typically applies to all work done by maintenance staff and contractors.


The course covers the following topics;

  • Permit to work overview (including Australian Legislation)
  • Type of work covered by the permit
  • Issuing appropriate type of permit
  • Preparing to undertake the work safely and within the strict provisions of the permit
  • Suitable housekeeping with permit activities
  • Work completion and permit requirements
  • Work Permits: scope of works varies to that covered by the permit
  • Returning work permit and obtaining sign off
  • Once you have completed this course, you should be able to


  • Define permit to work
  • Identify the range and scope of work covered by the permit
  • Check that the right type of permit has been issued for the type of work
  • Adequately prepare to undertake the work, including obtaining all necessary safety equipment and PPE
  • Undertake the work strictly in accordance with the provisions of the permit
  • Maintain correct housekeeping with permit activities
  • Complete work in accordance with the permit requirements
  • Query or raise matters about the permit if the scope of work/nature of the tools to be used varies from that covered by the permit
  • Hand back the permit in accordance with procedures and obtaining appropriate sign off as required.