Every business is different, and every home office is different

At Smart Health, we’ve developed a range of approaches, to suit an infinite range of employees, environments and challenges.

Group Training Webinars

At Smart Health, we’ve been running Industry-learning health and wellness training for businesses for over 20 years.  Face-to-face training continues to be our favoured platform for learning, allowing for greater engagement with our audience, and minute-to-minute tailoring of content to suit each individual group.

With the shift to a Work-From-Home environment and improvements in video conferencing, we’re able to offer a similar experience remotely.  We design and deliver remote training programs for a range of businesses, using the structure of our tried-and-true programs on videoconferencing platforms, to bring the experience of face-to-face training into everyone’s home office.

Each seminar is designed for delivery to small groups of up to 10 employees, over a 60-minute session.  The webinars are designed to be interactive, with a strong focus on Q&A with the participants, to ensure that everyone involved leaves each session with clear, actionable, evidence-based information to quickly and effectively improve their health at home.

Smart Health’s team of trainers each has over a decade of training experience, delivering training across Australia to industry, peers, educational bodies and professional associations.

Training sessions are designed specifically for each group, and focus on a range of topics, including:

  • Home Office Ergonomics
  • Home Office Stretching & Mobility Exercises
  • Stress, Anxiety and Productivity in the Home Office
  • Optimising Diet and Nutrition in the Home Office

Contact us at elearning@smartehealthtraining.com.au to explore how we can bring training into your team’s home office.

work from home coaching

Downloadable Resources

We’ve designed a number of quick-reference PDFs, describing work-from-home information that’s relevant to everyone, and that is easy to apply without closer guidance. Head to our resources page to view, download any or all of these pages.

E-Health Ergonomics Course

To take a deeper dive into ergonomics, we’ve designed a step-by-step ergonomics course to design the perfect workstation. The course is designed around conventional offices, however, the principles extend to home office design.

Exercise Programs

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is to make sure that you’re getting enough exercise, and not getting stuck in front of your computer for large periods of time.  Sustained computer postures tend to result in postural soreness, and over the long-term, soft tissue restrictions and biomechanical changes.

We’ve designed a number of short video clips, taking you through a sequence of stretching and mobility exercises.  These exercises are chosen primarily to stretch out the areas of the body that tend to get tight-and-short in computer postures.  Head over to our resource page to see the full range of stretching exercises.

The videos are designed as a user-friendly introduction.  Smart Health works with a range of businesses to design exercise programs for their teams, and to run remote training sessions through Zoom.  This allows the team to go through a specifically-designed exercise program in real-time with one of our physiotherapists, to fine-tune technique and personalise exercises (see Group Training below).  Contact us at elearning@smartehealthtraining.com.au to find out more.

Individual Assessments and Coaching

Some employees struggle more than others with the transition to working from home.  Self-guided worksheets, videos and group training all contribute to better outcomes, but there are cases where 1-to-1 assistance is the best way to get over some hurdles, to make a home office healthy and productive.

Smart Health’s physiotherapists use videoconferencing (along with email and voice calls) to provide individualised early intervention services, where individual employees are experiencing difficulty with their home office set up and musculoskeletal health in a home office environment.

If someone in your team needs assistance with their health and wellness in a home office environment (or if you’re looking for help yourself), contact us at elearning@smartehealthtraining.com.au, and we’ll talk you through all of the available options.