Workstation Academic Articles


Extensive research has been undertaken on various topics surrounding IT device usage and particularly postural habits, ergonomics and affects of sitting based screen time behaviour. We have included a range of academic articles that we have reviewed and referenced in our development of our Computer & Workstation Ergonomics Course.

A pilot investigation into the effects of different office chairs on spinal angles., S. Annetts, P. Coales, R. Colville, D. Mistry, K. Moles, B. Thomas, R. van Deursen – European Spine Journal, May 2012, Volume 21, Supplement 2, pp 165-170

An ergonomics training program for student notebook computer users Preliminary outcomes of a six-year cohort study, Karen Jacobs, Jennifer Kaldenberg, Jackie Markowitz, Ellen Wuest, Miranda Hellman, Amarachi Umez-Eronini, Michael Arsenault, Bryce Walker, Victoria Hall, Marina Ciccarelli, Richard Parsons, Alice Barr

An investigation of the reliability of Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) as a method of assessment of children’s computing postureDockrell S, O’Grady E, Bennett K, Mullarkey C, McConnell R, Ruddy R, Twomey S, Flannery C

A replicated field intervention study evaluating the impact of a highly adjustable chair and office ergonomics training on visual symptomsMenendez CC, Amick BC 3rd, Robertson M, Bazzani L, DeRango K, Rooney T, Moore A

Comparisons of musculoskeletal complaints and data entry between a sitting and a sit-stand workstation paradigm.Husemann B1, Von Mach CY, Borsotto D, Zepf KI, Scharnbacher J – Hum Factors. 2009 Jun;51(3):310-20.

Cost and Consequences of Sedentary Living: New Battleground for an Old EnemyBooth, Frank W., Ph. D.; Chakravarthy, Manu V.

Economic costs of obesity and inactivity, Colditz GA

Effects of portable computing devices on posture, muscle activation levels and efficiency. Abigail Werth, Kari L. Babski-Reeves – Applied Ergonomics 2014

Ergonomic Comparison of a Sit-Stand Workstation With a Traditional Workstation in Visual Display Unit WorkNevala N, Choi DS

Excessive texting in pathophysiology of first carpometacarpal joint arthritisMing Z, Pietikainen S, Hanninen O

Effectiveness of leg movement in reducing leg swelling and discomfort in lower extremities, Lin YH, Chen CY, Cho MH – Ergonomics 2013

Holding a tablet computer with one hand: effect of tablet design features on biomechanics and subjective usability among users with small hands Anna Pereiraa, Tevis Millera, Yi-Min Huanga, Dan Odella & David Rempela – Applied Ergonomics 2012

iPosture The Size of Electronic Consumer Devices Affects our BehaviourBos MW, Cuddy A JC

Musculoskeletal symptoms among mobile hand-held device users and their relationship to device use: A preliminary study in a Canadian university populationBerolo S, Wells RP, Amick BC 3rd

Office task effects on comfort and body dynamics in five dynamic office chairs, Groenesteijn L, Ellegast RP, Keller K, Krause F, Berger H, de Looze MP – Applied Ergonomics 2012

Office ergonomics training and a sit-stand workstation: effects on musculoskeletal and visual symptoms and performance of office workers., Robertson MM, Ciriello VM, Garabet AM – Applied Ergonomics 2013

Obesity-related differences in muscular capacity during sustained isometric exertions, Cavuoto LA, Nussbaum MA

Posture variation among office workers when using different information and communication technologies at work and away from workMarina Ciccarelli, Leon Straker, Svend Erik Mathiassen & Clare Pollock

Reducing Occupational Sitting Time and Improving Worker Health: The Take-a-Stand Project, 2011Nicholas P. Pronk. PhD, Abigail S. Katz. PhD, Marcia Lowry. MS and Jane Rodmyre Payfer

Screen time and metabolic risk factors among adolescents. Hardy LL, Denney-Wilson E, Thrift AP, et al.Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 2010; 164(7): 643-649

Sedentary time in adults and the association with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and death systematic review and meta-analysisWilmot EG, Edwardston CL, Achana FA, Davies MJ, Gorely T., Gray LJ, Khunti K, Yates T and Biddle SHJ

Sedentary Lifestyles, Physical Activity, and Cardiovascular Disease: From Research to PracticeBulwer, Bernard E.

Sick of SittingJames A. Levine

Temporal Trends in and relationships between screen time, physical activity, overweight and obesityDuncan MJ, Vandelanotte C, Caperchione C, Hanley C, Mummery WK

Texting TenosynovitisEmma F Storr, Fleur O de Vere Beavis, Mark D Stringer

The effect of aging on muscle activation and postural control pattern for young and older computer usersLi-Ping Hsiao, Chiung-Yu Cho, Applied Ergonomics 2012

The Effect of stand-biased desks on academic engagement: an explanatory study. Marianela Dornheckera, Jamilia J. Blakea, Mark Bendena, Hongwei Zhaoa & Monica Wendelb – International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, Volume 53, Issue 5, 2015

The Escalating Pandemics of Obesity and Sedentary Lifestyle A Call to Action for CliniciansJoAnn E. Manson, MD,DrPH; Patrick J. Skerrett, MS; Philip Greenland, MD; Theodore B. VanItallie, MD

The Effects of Office Ergonomic Training on Musculoskeletal Complaint, Sickness Absence and Phychological Well-Being in A Cluster Randomized Children Control Trial., Norashikin Mahmud, PhD, MSc, BA1, Dianna T. Kenny, PhD, MA, BA (Hons)2, Raemy Md Zein, BSc3, Siti Nurani Hassan, BSc3

Too Much Sitting – A Health HazardDunstan DW, Howard B, Healy GN, Owen N
Typing performance and body discomfort among overweight and obese office workers: A pilot study of keyboard modification, Matthew Lee Smith, Adam W. Pickens, SangNam Ahn, Marcia G. Ory, David M. DeJoy, Kristi Young, Gary Bishop, Jerome J. Congleton – Applied Ergonomics 2015

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Web based office ergonomics intervention on work related complaints – a field study.. Marina Meinerta, Mirjam Königa & Wolfgang Jaschinskia – Ergonomics, Volume 56, Issue 11, 2013