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Ergonomics Resources

Chairs and Desks
Symmetry, Keyboard and Mouse
General Home Office Advice

Biomechanics and Touch Typing

Your typing technique can have a huge impact on the strain on your upper back and neck while you’re at your computer.

Home Laptop Setup and Use

If you have to use your laptop as your main computer at home, there are strategies you can use to optimise ergonomics, and minimise postural strain.

Keyboard Design

If your job requires frequent mouse use, or if you’re slim through the shoulders, it may be worth considering a small keyboard design.

Computer and Workstation Ergonomics Course

These three videos form part of our comprehensive on-line Computer and Workstation Ergonomics Course.  Please click here for more information on how to purchase lifetime access to the complete course.


Pyschology Resources

  • Staying motivated and keeping your balance
  • Tips for insomnia and sleep problems
  • Thinking Well to feel great
  • Relax and unwind after working from home

Introducing Kate Morton, Psychologist

Webinar Introduction

Kate introduces the concept of webinars, to educate groups of employees in the best ways to look after their mental health while working from home.

Scheduling Tips

 Kate introduces some of the scheduling practices that she recommends while working from home, to avoid becoming isolated, overworked and overwhelmed.



Tea, Coffee and all things Caffeine
Hydration Facts
Gut Health
Mindful Eating
Referral Markers

Introducing Tanya Lewis, Dietician


Tanya identifies some of the issues with scheduling food throughout the day, when you’re working from home.

Food Diary

Tanya introduces the idea of keeping a food diary, as a starting point for analysing the best dietary practice on long working days.